Monday, May 08, 2006

New Tambo Art Design・新しい田んぼアートのデザイン

Recently Inakadate announced its new Tambo Art design. This will be the art that decorates the rice field outside the Inakadate Village hall for the next summer.

This year's design is the most aggressive yet with four colors of rice and much more detail than previous years. The design is Fujin and Raijin, a pair of Japanese gods.

Please plan on coming to Inakadate to see this great natural landscape art. Best times are from mid-July through August. If you would like to help make this project, the Rice Planting Experience event will happen on the morning of May 28th.

Contact the Village Hall or the village CIR for more information.

Here is a photo of last year's Ukiyoe Tambo Art. It is all done with three varieties of rice. これは去年の田んぼアートの写真です。全部は三種類の稲でできています。

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