Friday, August 12, 2005

Lots of Flowers ・ 花が豊富

I am usually not one to notice flowers, but since coming to Inakadate I have been very pleasantly surprised by the number of flowers. Just walking through the streets of town, I have seen so many brightly colored and beautiful flowers. It is rather quite amazing.

Usually in Japan, each house is surrounded by a brick wall and there usually isn't too much to be seen but the road in front of you. But Inakadate seems to be different. Here you find the ubiquitous Japanese concrete walls, but it seems to me that the entryways are slightly wider (and perhaps more welcoming) than other places I have visited.
日本では、多く の家々がコンクリートの塀に囲まれ、目の前の道路以外に見るものがあまり多くないです。しかし、田舎館はちょっと違うようです。この村にも日本のどこでも ある塀もあるんですが、入口となっている塀の間のすき間がなんとなく広い(または歓迎している)感じがします。

Through these driveways and entryways one can see many interesting things. There are orchards and greenhouses, homes and garages, tractors and tillers, vegetable gardens and trees and of course now in the summer there are flowers. I like to work in the garden, but generally speaking, it I can't eat it, I don't bother to grow it. I don't know much about flowers. Beyond the size (it's big; it's small) and the color (it's red, it's blue) I can't say too much.
この玄関先や車の入口から色々な 面白いことが見えます。果樹園やハウス、家や車庫、トラクターや耕耘機、畑や木々、そして夏の今には花も山ほど見ることができます。僕は、畑仕事が好き (趣味程度)ですが、基本的に口に入れるものにならなければ、あまり育てる気がしないんです。というわけで、花のことは何も分かりません。大きさ(小さい です)や色(赤いです)以外に、私にはなんとも言えません。

But I can say that here in Inakadate there are many flowers- many big flowers, many small flowers, many red flowers, many white flowers. Thank you to the people who grow them.

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