Thursday, September 22, 2005

Village Hall Salesmen • 役場のセールズマン

I wrote about the village hall a few weeks ago and said that it was very spacious building. Perhaps I discovered one reason why it is so big. Yesterday I was at work here in the village hall and during my lunch break I met a traveling salesman. He had come to the village hall and spread out his products (he was selling futons) in the hallway on the second floor.
数週間前、役場のことをブログに取り上げて、スペースがたっぷりあると書きま した。どうして、こんなに大きいか分かったような気がします。この前役場で昼休みをしている間に、物を売りに回っている男の人に会いました。彼が役場の来 ていて、2階の廊下でその商品(布団や枕)を広げていました。

It seemed strange to me that people would come to the village hall to sell products. But as I thought about it, this wasn't the first time I have seen this. During my first week here I saw other similar salesmen and women visit the town hall before. Now that I think about it, I have seem people selling eyeglasses, women's clothing and jewelry here as well.

When I talked to the salesman, he said that he visits many public institutions, city and town halls, schools, hospitals, etc to sell his products. He explained that he is in charge of all of Aomori prefecture and makes a circuit of all his facilities about every three or four months.

Most surprising perhaps, he wasn't sitting there alone. I wasn't interested in buying anything so I made sure not to interrupt when another potential customer came along. So many people came along that it took me 30 minutes to finish a five minute conversation. I don't know if he actually sold anything, but many people showed interest.
しかし、もっともびっくりしていることは、彼がそこに一人ぼっちで座っていた わけではなかったです。つまり、お客さんが来ていました。僕は買うきはなかったから、本当のお客さんが来たら、邪魔しないようにしました。しかし、そうす ると、人が次々と来ていたので、5分でできる話が30分ぐらいかかりました。実際に成功して、物を売れたかは分かりませんが、数多くの人が興味を示しました。

OK, maybe I guess I could imagine buying a futon from such a person, but what about eyeglasses? I can't wait until that salesman comes back. I want to talk to him too.

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