Friday, October 21, 2005

Shortfall of a Blog ・ ブログの短所

One of the things that I have tried to do with this blog is use not only words to present Inakadate, but also photos. Perhaps it is because I used to belong to a Camera Club, but I thoroughly believe in the old phrase, "a picture is worth a thousand words."

And in that respect, the internet is a wonderful tool. I can easily add photos of Inakadate to my blog. But the internet does have some drawbacks. Today's subject topic is one such time where no matter what I do, I will never be able to accurately convey with today's internet
その面ではインターネットはすばらしい道具です。田舎館の写真を簡単にブログに載せることができ、 皆さんに村のことを上手に伝えることができます。しかし、今日のブログの話はどうしても、現在の技術でうまく伝えることができないと思います。

Today's subject is burning of rice fields. Now that the rice harvest is nearly complete many of the farmers are burning their fields. As you can imagine, burning the stalks of freshly picked rice produces a lot of smoke and for several days last week, that was the predominant environment in Inakadate. Like in this photo, everywhere you looked in the village you could see a pillar of smoke.
今日のテーマは藁(わら)焼きです。全員じゃないけれども、稲 刈りがだいたい終わった今頃の季節になると、周りの農家では田んぼの藁を焼いています。想像できるように取り立ての藁を焼くとたっぷりの煙が上がってきま す。そして、先週の数日間、その煙は田舎館を取り巻く環境の中で最も目立つ要素でした。

You can see the smoke and take a photo of it。You can take a photo of the burnt field. But the main effect was not visual. Smoke smells and to the best of my knowledge, there is no way to present smells over the internet. I could perhaps take a photo of my coworker sneezing. That might give you an idea what it's like when the burning gets going well, but beyond that I guess you will have to just take my word for it.
煙は見えて、写真を撮ることもできます。または焼いた田んぼの 写真も撮ることもできます。しかし、一番重要な影響は見えません。それはその煙のにおいです。そして僕が知っている限り、インターネットを使って、におい を伝える方法がありません。くしゃみをしている同僚の写真を載せることができるかも知れません。そういう写真でここの藁がよく燃えている頃のことが少し分 かるかも知れませんが、それ以外にこの藁焼きのにおいを信じてもらうしかないでしょう。

In limited quantities, the smoke isn't so bad. From my point of view it is a real sign of fall in Japan. But I have to agree that when the smoke gets real thick, it can be pretty bad.

The village government tries to discourage people from burning their fields saying it is pollution, bad for health and a bother to neighbors. I guess I have to agree with that, but more than anything, I would say that the main reason they should quit burning the fields is because it is hard to accurately present the smoke and smell over the web.

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