Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Beautiful Fall Colors • きれいな紅葉

It wouldn't be right to get through this season without a mention of the fall colors. My wife and I went for a drive over a month ago and saw lots of leaves just starting to change color at the top of Mt. Hakkoda. Since then we have been on several other trips and have noticed the color of the leaves gradually coming down the hills into
the flat land.

I think probably you could say that the peak was early last week in Inakadate. There are beautiful trees here and there, but one thing I can honestly say, however, fruit trees are justifiably not well known for their beautiful fall colors. Rather, the leaves of the apple trees and other fruit trees seem to just fall off rather than change color. (It also might seem that way because a lot of the apple leaves were stripped off in the last month or so to help the fruit ripen.)

But there are some beautiful fall colors to be seen in Inakadate and surrounding Aomori. Aomori, with famous sites like Shirakami Mountains, the Shimokita Penninsula and Mt. Hakkoda, is filled with nature and the fall colors are really spectacular. In Inakadate, the nature may not be that big, but in the many gardens surrounding people's homes, too you can see some intricately crafted colorful leaves and trees. It is really a beautiful season.

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