Thursday, December 08, 2005

Encroaching Snow • 近寄ってくる雪

As I have written in the past, Inakadate is surrounded by mountains on at least three sides. There aren't many mountains to the north, but east, south and west all have big mountains easily within sight.

Of course, snow falls in the mountains earlier than it does in the plains and for the past several days here in Inakadate, it has been interesting to watch the snow approach the village. First there was a little wisp of snow visible at the top of Mt. Iwaki, the tallest mountain in the area. Then you could see snow at the top of Mt. Hakkoda. After that, snow appeared on Mt. Ajara, the mountain that is home to the Owani Ski area.

Those are most notable the big mountains, but in no time you could see snow on the mid level mountains in the distance. Then it was in the foothills and finally it was on 'that little hill just over there'. A little bit closer, then a little closer; it was just as if a lion was stalking its prey.

During this time, there were of course times then the snow fell too on the plain of Inakadate, but so far all that snow has melted leaving the village a simple brown color. I don't expect this no snow period will last long. We're bound to get snow sooner than later.

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