Monday, December 05, 2005

Snow Preparations • 雪ガコイ

Since I arrived in Inakadate, I have heard lots of stories about the severity of the winters here. It doesn't sound so cold and it seems that last winter was particularly bad, but Aomori gets lots of snow. My predecessor told me that we wouldn't probably be able to see out our windows when it was at its worst.

With that much snow, you can expect that people will prepare for it. These past few weeks, people have been getting ready in numerous ways. One place you see that preparation is in people's gardens. I have written that many people here have beautiful gardens. It seems that the owners of these gardens are worried that the snow will crush or break their garden plants.

So they have spent a lot of time protecting them. There seem to be many ways of doing it, but as the days pass, the number of plants in Inakadate that have been wrapped, tied up, supported with ropes or covered with a 'roof' is growing quickly.

I have written before that the gardens in Inakadate are very beautiful, and certainly everyone is working hard to keep them that way. I want to say to everyone, 'thanks for your hard work' but at the same time, I want to ask, 'does it really snow so much?'

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