Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Quilt Building ・ パッチワークされた建物

My mother is a quilter. She spends many days working with her church friends making quilts to give away. Together they work hard and put together beautiful blankets out of pieces of scrap fabric.

Driving around Inakadate I am often reminded of her. This happens most often when I see one of the village's 'quilt buildings.' Just like she and her group, some residents of Inakadate have taken otherwise useless material and made something out of it. In most cases, Inakadate's quilt buildings are simple farm sheds, designed to keep out some of the weather from farming tools and the like. Most of these building are pole barn-like structures with whatever is at hand nailed to the outside for walls.

Like the signs I wrote about on November 18th, these buildings too have a value next to nothing, but they serve a purpose and are really cool.

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