Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Icicles ・ 氷柱(つらら)

With all the snow Aomori has received in the 6 weeks and temperatures hovering near freezing, Inakadate has become a world of icicles. Most days when the sun shines, the snow melts on rooftops and starts dripping down. When that water hits the eaves and the resulting cooler temperatures (especially at night) they freeze into some huge icicles.

The big ones are great too, but some of the most interesting icicles I have seen happen when the snow slowly slides off the roof, gradually changing the angle of the forming icicles. This then allows the formation of numerous smaller icicles which, more than anything, resemble the teeth of a shark, row after row of sharp spikes ready to do whatever damage they may.

I also discovered that thatched roofs seem to make more and more colorful icicles than metal or tile roofs. These brown and yellow icicles are hanging on one of the village's thatched roof houses.
もう一つの発見ですが、 茅葺きの屋根にできる氷柱がとたん又は瓦の屋根の氷柱よりカラフルであることです。この茶色と黄色の氷柱が村の茅葺きがある家でできているのはすばらしい光景です。

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