Friday, February 10, 2006

Rope on Hattanda Torii ・ 八反田鳥居の縄

Just a few days ago I was out walking and decided to go and check on the shrine where we had the Naked Festival on January 1st. On that day we carried the large rope to the shrine (from the community center), had a dedication ceremony in the shrine building and then set the rope on the torii archway just temporarily.
数日前に、散歩に出かけていたたら、1月1 日に参加した裸参りの八幡神社に行って見ようと思いました。その裸参りの時、部落の男の人たちが非常に大きい縄を(会館から)神社まで運びました。神社に着いたら、簡単な奉納式をして、その縄を一時的に鳥居に挙げて帰りました。

I wondered to myself what has happened since then and when I went back a few days ago, I was happy to see the rope was up and tied in its permanent place. I also understood that it isn't a simple matter of tying it up into place. In the day of the festival I wondered why we didn't tie it up that day, but looking at the detail of the knots that bind the rope to the gate, I can understand why we couldn't do it while still naked. I don't know how long it took, but whoever tied it up there in this cold weather must really be something!

It certainly looks great!!

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