Friday, February 03, 2006

Setsubun ・ 節分

Today is another big day in the traditional Japanese calendar. February 3 is
Setsubun, the day to throw beans at the demons in order to drive them out while at the same time to welcome in good fortune.

And who better to play the part of the demon than a big ugly guy with a beard. Yes, I had the honor of being the demon at the Hatakenaka Preschool here in Inakadate this morning. All of the kids loaded up with handfuls of beans and, while screaming 'Oni wa soto' (out with the demons), 'Fuku wa uchi' (in with the good fortune), threw the beans at the terrible oni.

It seemed to be effective. You could feel a definite increase in the amount of good fortune in Inakadate all afternoon.

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