Friday, March 10, 2006

Inakadate's Doll Festival 田舎館のひな祭り

Last Friday was March third. March third in Japan is the day of the Doll Festival. It is a day to celebrate children (especially girls). Most Japanese people do this by putting out a grand display of dolls in their homes.

Of course, the preschools that I teach at all had a beautiful display of dolls as well. In addition to the display, the students at the preschool have a mini tea ceremony on this day. This year I was fortunate enough to be invited to Nishi (West) Preschool for their Doll Festival tea ceremony.

It is quite a grand event. The teachers put out straw mats and the students use real pottery tea bowls. At this preschool, the girls in the oldest class dress up in kimonos and serve tea to the whole school. Interestingly, at this school the oldest class has 14 students, but only 2 of them are girls. So they were two busy little girls.

As the special guest, I too put on a kimono for the big event. Everyone said I looked great, but..... I also had a seat of honor in front of the doll display. The girls served me bitter tea (mixed by the teachers) and we ate sweet candies to balance the flavors a little bit.
特別のゲストとして呼ばれた僕も、着物を着ることになりました。皆さんが「似合うな」とほめてくれましたが、どうでしょう..... そして、皆さんの前、雛様の前の上座で座らせました。年長の2人に先生が混ぜてくれた苦いお茶を飲ませてくれました。苦い抹茶と一緒に着いてくる甘いお菓子も食べるといいバランスになりました。

It was a fun time.

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