Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Melting Snow ・ 解けている雪

I haven't written about the weather for a while, but it has changed considerably in the last couple of weeks. On February 14th I wrote an entry about all the snow that we were getting here in Inakadate. About that time I think there was about 140 centimeters on the ground and there were mounds of snow everywhere.

People were making regular trips to the river to dump the snow but still snowbanks were getting higher and roads were getting narrower. Had it continued much longer, houses would have started to disappear.

But soon after that, it got warmer and the snow stopped. For a day or two it rained and that was a bad thing. When you add rain to the tons of snow on top of roofs they become really really heavy and there were numerous roofs that collapsed in the area.

But with the rain, warmer temperatures and lots of sunshine, the snow has quickly started to melt. I think now we have less than a third or a quarter of what we had three weeks ago. Now most of the roads are their normal summertime width and the 10 centimeters of packed snow is gone. Now when a little more snow falls, people don't have to struggle to find a place to throw it. Now we can look down onto the rice fields rather than across or up.

Spring is on its way and that's a good thing.

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