Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Mouse World ・ ネズミの世界

Spring has finally come to Inakadate. The snow is almost all gone, with just a little remaining in shadowed areas. It is wonderful to have wide roads with no snow on them again. It is surprising to see the village again with no snow and much less vegetation. When I came last July there was already green grass hiding lots of things laying on the ground. Now with the grass dead and the snow gone, you can see everything.

One of the first things that I have noticed is hundreds and thousands of mouse holes and tracks. On my way to and from work every day I walk along the edge of rice field. There in that field, especially on the edge, it looks like a mouse metropolis. Everywhere you look there are holes or little pathways that mice have made or worn during the past winter.

Little did we know that while we were walking or living above the snow, the mice were below it living and prospering in a little world of their own. In a couple weeks or so, the grass will grow or the rain will fall and the mouse world will disappear from view. Some mice might be killed by birds or cats, but many will probably survive. We won’t be able to see the holes and mice anymore, but the mice will probably still be there. I for one will keep this in mind.

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