Friday, August 18, 2006

田んぼアート ・ The Rice Paddy Art

 The Rice Paddy Art fields that we planted in late May have come in beautifully. For about the first month after we planted, the plants were small and rather than the pattern in the rice, visitors saw more of the water in the fields. You could see that it was coming, but that it still needed time. Now however, all of the plants have grown out and the field is at its peak viewing time.

 So of course, many people are coming to see it. Recently when you enter through the north entrance of the village hall you must push through the crowd of people. And of course, when all of those people climb up to the keep of the castle (which stands next to the Rice Paddy Art) and look down, we can almost certainly hear cries of "Wow, that's great".

 This year we introduced a fourth, red color of rice, but as you can see in the photo here, you can't see that red color yet. It is said that only the husks surrounding each individual grain will turn red. I guess we will have to wait a little longer for that red color to appear.


Absolutely beautiful!!!
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