Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Birdfeeder Making • 餌台つくり

Last Wednesday, the 6th students at Kodenji Elementary School, several students and I got together during one of the English classes and made birdfeeders. It combined some of my favorite activities, woodworking and nature, and was a great experience which I really liked. Here are some of the photos of that day.

The 23 students divided into groups of 4 students and together made 6 birdfeeders. I had prepared most of the materials beforehand. There were about 4 or 5 small cuts that were necessary, but after that, all the students needed to do was drill a few holes and nail and screw the boards together. I write that, but because of all the angle cuts, putting the whole thing together wasn't really easy. Still, everyone did a great job.

This activity is the kind of "internationalization" that I really enjoy. I showed the students photos of the birdfeeders and birdhouses that I made in the USA and talked about some of the things I have made with wood. Through this project I was able to talk to the students individually and get to know a little more about about them.

---------I really had a great time.


I have returned you an e-mail this afternoon but I thought to leave a comment here to let you know that I have read through all of your articles here.

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